Western Union expands Cash to Account Services from Jamaica

From Agent locations across Jamaica, customers can now send money direct to bank accounts in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan and China

Kingston, Jamaica - August 30, 2016: Western Union, a leader in global payment services, in conjunction with GraceKennedy Money Services, Western Union's Agent in 11 Caribbean countries, today announced the ability to send money via Agent locations in Jamaica directly to bank accounts at participating banks in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan and China.*

Many Jamaicans have experienced improving economic circumstances over the last decade-with GDP increasing by 27 percent between 2005 and 2015, according to the World Bank-enabling them to send money overseas to loved ones in the US, UK, and a host of other countries. In 2015, remittance outflows reached $232.8 million, according to data from the Bank of Jamaica.

According to Noel Greenland, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Operations for GraceKennedy Money Services, "The 'cash-to-account' service expansion is yet another innovative digital money transfer option that is available for customers to take advantage of; to give their receivers the added gift of convenience. As consumer preferences evolve, we are committed to satisfying their diverse needs as we actively pursue our goal of being a customer centric organization."

"Western Union's advancing cross-border fintech capability is enabling us to serve both existing and new bank-centric and tech-savvy customers. This value-added proposition is helping us to realize our vision of building on the largest cross-border platforms in the world. We are connecting more people, across more channels with speed and ease," said Sean Mason, Vice President and General Manager, Western Union Caribbean. "We are pleased to bring Western Union's multi-channel options to Jamaica. With the activation of account payout to several countries from Jamaica, we are adding choice for our customers," Mason added.

The 'cash-to-account' service joins Western Union's digital services available in the country, including Deposit Direct, which allows consumers to call the Customer Care Centre (926-2454) and request the funds to be directed to their bank account, as well as TeleSend, which facilitates the sending of money by phone. Both Deposit Direct and TeleSend are registered services, and customers are required to register for these services at any Western Union Agent location islandwide.

In alliance with GraceKennedy, Western Union has operated in Jamaica for more than two decades and it currently has a network of more than 130 Agent locations across every parish, helping to connect Jamaica to more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Globally, Western Union offers account payout into billions of accounts across more than 50 countries.

(*) Certain conditions apply when sending money transfers to any of these countries: Based on the time difference in the respective countries, the recipients of a money transfer will receive their funds at varied times.