Western Union Temporarily Suspends Services at a few locations

Over the past several years, GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS), Western Union's Agent in Jamaica, has been enhancing its antifraud programs to better protect Western Union customers from fraud scams. Although we believe that those enhancements, as well as our continued investment in technology, have been effective in many ways, there are still a few locations where an unusually high number of suspected fraudulent transactions are being reported.

In an effort to further enhance our network oversight and the protection of our customers, GKMS and Western Union will be suspending money transfer services at those locations, several of which are in Western Jamaica. The affected locations will be reopened if and when we are satisfied that adequate additional anti-fraud measures have been taken.

Western Union and GKMS are aware that the closures will inconvenience many honest customers. We regret the need for this step, and we encourage customers to transact with us at an alternate location nearest to them. Please call our customer centre (926-2454) or check the WU mobile app for a list of the locations in your area.

Western Union and GraceKennedy commenced operations in Jamaica in 1990 and currently have an Agent network of more than 130 locations across every parish, helping to connect Jamaica to more than 200 countries and territories around the world. The locations involved in the temporary closure include three in Montego Bay (St. James), one in Falmouth (Trelawny), one in Brown's Town (St. Ann) and one in Spanish Town (St. Catherine).