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Find out what you’ll need when sending or receiving money with Western Union.

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Find out what you’ll need when sending or receiving money with Western Union.

Receiving Money

Requirements for receiving money in Jamaica from another country

Sending Money

Requirements for sending money from Jamaica to another country

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be required to provide additional documents to protect you from potential fraud and to ensure that we (GraceKennedy Money Services) adhere to regulatory requirements.

High risk countries include those countries listed on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and other international high-risk jurisdiction lists, i.e. jurisdictions which are the subject of an adverse rating or an international sanction related to identified deficiencies in that jurisdiction’s regulatory processes geared at combatting money laundering, terrorism financing or the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

FATF List: Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Croatia, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya,Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Philippines, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, Myanmar.
NB. This list is not static. It changes numerous times during a calendar year.

No transactions can be sent to or received from North Korea and Iran.

You may not be able to use Western Union because additional information about your past money transfer is required.

  • Please visit gkmsonline.com/money-transfer
  • Scroll down the page to the banner labeled: “Unable to use Western Union?”
  • Click the “GET HELP” button. Then complete the questionnaire.
  • After Western Union receives your questionnaire and required documentation, you will receive an email with a response within 3 business days.

The following IDs will be accepted when you need to send/receive money: Passport, Driver’s Licence, Elector Registration Identification Card.

We may ask for evidence to support the purpose of your money transfer in order to safeguard you from potential fraud and to ensure that the funds you send or receive will be used for a legitimate purpose. Our goal is to be certain that we understand and validate the purpose of your transaction to adhere to regulatory requirements. That way the next time you do business with us, it will be a hassle free experience.


  1. Employment Information/ Employment Identification
  2. Job Letter
  3. Pay Slip
  4. Audited Accounts (if self-employed)
  5. Open-Source Verification

Savings/Bank Account

  1. Withdrawal Slip/Transaction Receipt
  2. Bank/Financial Statement
  3. Bank Account Details (Name, Branch, Type of Account)
  4. Bank Letter

Business Income

  1. Business Registration Documents
  2. Bank/Financial Statement
  3. Bank Letter
  4. Audited Accounts (if self-employed)
  5. Tax Declaration/Tax Compliance Documents
  6. Open-Source Verification
  7. Invoices/Receipts or payments

Borrowed Funds/Loan

  1. Loan Letter
  2. Bank Letter
  3. Details of Loan (amount, date, purpose, financial institution)

Cash Tips

  1. Employment Information/ Employment Identification
  2. Job Letter

Gaming/Lottery Winnings

  1. Winning ticket receipt
  2. Picture of Customer being awarded cheque
  3. Open-Source Verification of award of prize


  1. Letter from Giver of monetary gift
  2. Donor’s Name, address, source of wealth, and relationship


  1. Copy of letter from Executor of the deceased
  2. Copy of will
  3. Letter from Lawyer

Investment/Pooled Funds

  1. Investment Statement
  2. Statement regarding Partner Draw


  1. Letter from Pension/Government/Welfare Payment Department
  2. Copy of Pension/Welfare Cheque

Sale of Goods/Property/Services

  1. Bill of Sale
  2. Letter from Real Estate Agent
  3. Invoices/Receipts


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