GraceKennedy Money Services now using Mas Camp as an additional payout point for GOJ CARE grant

Kingston, Jamaica, May 11, 2020, Persons who are collecting their Government of Jamaica CARE Compassionate Grant benefit from GraceKennedy Money Services/Western Union, may do so at Mas Camp at the National Stadium starting Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Mas Camp will be in addition to the over 100 GKMS/Western Union locations and post offices that are now distributing GOJ CARE payments. 

First Global Bank (FGB) will also be facilitating the easier opening of bank accounts for all GOJ CARE recipients at Mas Camp. 

Since Friday, the company has been noticing the long lines and overcrowding taking place outside its locations across the island, in direct conflict with the government’s protocol of physical distancing and crowd gathering. 

The company had instituted a payout schedule based on the last names of recipients, which would allow them to collect on specific days. 

This schedule was shared via various media channels, including radio ads, tv crawl and social media, as well as text messages to all Western Union recipients indicating their specific day to collect.

Several factors have influenced the overcrowding being experienced outside the locations. 

These are namely:

  • persons not conforming to the schedule and turning up at locations when it is not their day to collect.
  •  persons turning up who did not select Western Union as their payment agent.
  • persons who have not yet received the confirmation text message from the government. 
  • persons who are eligible for payments turning up without valid IDs. 
  • persons trying to collect on behalf of others

We have enlisted the help of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and private security companies in an attempt to assist with the crowd management. 

However, we are once again appealing to all recipients, to follow the schedule issued by the company and not go to the locations until the date and time that you are assigned. 

Additionally, please ensure you have:

  1. A valid Government issued ID (Driver’s License, Passport or Voter’s ID), 
  2. Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) and 
  3. The GOJ Care Reference number.

We continue to urge customers to wear a mask and maintain the 6ft a part physical distance rule. 

Let us all work together to ensure the safety of our staff, our customers, and the wider Jamaica community.


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