GKMS Digital Kiosks bring you the simplicity and ease of cashless financial services

Convenience on the go, so you’ll never have to miss a beat!

Our Digital Kiosks deliver!

GKMS Digital Kiosks are popping up in partner stores that you already frequent, taking state of the art financial services directly to you! Our conveniently located network of kiosks offers you:




Here’s what you can do at GKMS Digital Kiosks

Get started at our growing list of neighborhood supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, bars & grills to name a few.


Get remittances sent directly to your bank account

Bill Payment

Pay bills to over 60 billers


Apply for or service a loan

Using the Digital Kiosk is simple


Visit your nearest location


Speak with the GKMS digital assistant


Conduct your cashless transactions

Here’s what you can do at GKMS Digital Kiosk

Look out for GKMS Digital branding outside your favourite locations as shown here, a friendly customer care assistant is waiting to tell you more about all the services you can access, and show you the simple step by step process to utilize any of our tablet or desktop interfaces.

Things you’ll need

– MasterCard & or Visa Debit or Credit cards

– A government issued ID, TRN 

– Account information issued from your bank

Thank you for choosing
GraceKennedy Money Services!

If you require any assistance, do give us a call at 876-926-2454 or email us at ContactGKMS@GKCO.com. We are ready to serve you.

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