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BX Ticket Hub is a ticketing solution from Bill Express where customers can buy event tickets at over seventy (70) locations island wide. We have sold tickets for several major events.

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The Biggest Party in Sports comes alive at Sabina Park!

Don’t miss Chris Gayle and Andre Russell, as the Jamaica Tallawahs take on the rest of the Caribbean!

Get your tickets and come enjoy the big hits and the vibes!

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Andkar Finance Limited - May pen

Bill Express May Pen, Shop 11 Bargain Village 37 Main Street
May Pen

Andkar Finance Limited - Port Henderson

Bill Express Port Henderson Plaza, Shop 19 Port Henderson Plaza, Port Henderson Portmore

Success Gamma Construction Co. Ltd

Auto Tech, Bill Express Waltham Park Road, 59C Waltham Park Road Kingston 11

Barbados FSC

Bill Express
19-23 Barbados Ave
New Kingston

BG's Inc., BG's Inc.

Bill Express Passage Forth Drive, 45 Passage Fort Drive, Waterford

Big J's , Big J's Supermarket

Bill Exspress Falmouth , 15 Lower Harbour Street, Falmouth

Boulevard FSC

Bill Express Washington Blvd, Boulevard Super Centre, Shop #7, 45 Elma Crescent Kingston 20

Cross Roads FSC

Bill Express Cross Roads, 13 Old Hope Road Kingston 5

Dulini Investments

Bill Express Barnett Street, 24-27 Barnett Street, Montego Bay

Family Care Pharmacy

Bill Express Lucea, Mid Town Mall, Shop #1 Main Street, Lucea

GFI Limited

Bill Express Savanah-la-mar, Shop 8-10, Citizens Plaza 23 Great George Street, Sav-La-Mar

GKMS - Mandeville

Bill Express Ward Ave- Mandeville, H&L 16 Ward Ave Mandevile

GKRS -Santa Cruz

Bill Express Santa Cruz, 81 Main Street, Santa Cruz

GSD Pharmacy

Bill Express Manchester Ave- Maypen, 55A Manchester Ave May Pen

Hometown FSC

Bill Express Church Street- Mobay, 19-21 Church Street, Montego Bay

Hometown Overton

Bill Express Union Street- Mobay, Overton Plaza, Shop # 9 49 Union Street Montego Bay

Jamaican Teas Limited

Bill Express Savanah Plaza
Savanah la mar

JRG Shoppers Delight Supermarket

Shop 13, Svannah Plaza 56-58 Beckford Street, Savanna-la-Mar

JPS - Black River

Bill Express Black River- St. Elizabeth, 5 Central Road, Black River, St Elizabeth

JPS - East Parade

Bill Express Parade - Downtown Kingston, 7-9 East Parade, Kingston

JPS - Falmouth

Bill Express Wellington Street- Falmouth, 13 Wellington Street, Falmouth, Trelawny

JPS - Lucea

Bill Express Uptown Shopping Center- Hanover, Uptown Shopping Centre, Lucea, Hanover

JPS - Mandeville

Bill Express Villa Road- Mandeville, Villa Road, Mandeville, Manchester

JPS - May Pen

Bill Express- Manchester Ave Jamaica Public Service, 18b Manchester Avenue

JPS - Montego Bay

Bill Express Luxury Plaza- Montego Bay, Luxury Plaza, Montego Bay, St James

JPS - Morant Bay

Bill Express Church Street-St. Thomas, 11 Church Street, Morant Bay, St Thomas

JPS - Port Maria

Bill Express Stenneth Street, Port Maria, 94 Stenneth Street, Port Maria, St. Mary

JPS - Port Antonio

Bill Express- BoundBrook Port Antonio, Boundbrook, Port Antonio, Portland

JPS - Portmore Mall

Bill Express Portmore Mall- Portmore, Portmore Mall, St Catherine

JPS - Ruthven Road

Bill Express Ruthven Road- Kingston, 23 Ruthven Road, Kingston

JPS - Savlamar

Bill Express Great George Street- Westmoreland,
14 Great George Street, Savlamar, Westmoreland

JPS - Spanish Town

Bill Express Burke Road- Spanish Town, 17 Burke Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine

JPS - St Anns Bay

Bill Express Royes Street- St. Anns Bay, 8 Royes Street, St Anns Bay, St Ann

King Street FSC

Bill Express King Street- Kingston, Woolworth 83 King Street Kingston

K's Pharmacy

Bill Express Duhaney Park Plaza, Shop 17 Duhaney Park Plaza, Kingston 20

Stapharm Services Ltd. - Morant Bay

Marville Pharmacy, Morant Bay, Bill Express- Marville Plaza, 10-11A Wharf Road, Morant Bay

Maxpay Enterprize

Bill Express - Max Pay- Montego Bay, Shop 5, Consumer Meat Plus 99 Barnett Street Montego Bay

Medi-mart Ltd. - Market Street

Bill Express Market Street- Montego Bay, 1 Market Street , Montego Bay

Medi-mart Pharmacy Ltd - Ironshore

Bill Express Whitter Village- Montego Bay,
Shop EG12, Whitter Village,
Morgan Road, Ironshore

New Arizon - Annoto Bay

Bill Express Main Street- Annotto Bay, Main Street, Annotto Bay

New Arizon - Highgate

Bill Express Main Street- Highgate, Main Street, Highgate

New Arizon - Port Maria

Bill Express Stenneth Street, Port Maria, 5 Stenneth Street, Port Maria

Akana Enterprises Ltd

Ocho Rios FSC, Bill Express Brown's Plaza- Ocho Rios, Shops 9-10, Brown's Plaza 40 Main Street Ocho Rios

Panoramic Traders - Brooklyn

Bill Express Twin Gates Plaza, Brooklyn Supermarket 11 Hope Road Kingston 10

Paper Gold Ltd - May Pen

Bill Express Sevens Road- May pen, Sinclair's Bargin Centre 23 Sevens Road, May Pen

Paper Gold Ltd - Old Harbour

Bill Express East Street- Old Harbour, U&D Supermarket 1st Floor, 15 East Street, Old Harbour

Paper Gold Ltd, - Portmore Pines

Bill Express Portmore Pines- Portmore, Shop 18 'Portmore Pines Plaza, Portmore

Paper Gold Ltd. - Barbican

Bill Express Orchid Village- Barbican, Shop 1A Orchid Village Plaza 20 Barbican Road Kingston 6

Paper Gold Ltd. - Cross Roads

Bill Express State Mall- Halfway Tree, Shop 14, State Mall 15-17 Half Way Tree Road Kingston

Parkview Supermarket - May Pen

Bill Express Main Street- May Pen, 26 Main Street, May Pen

Goodman Enterprise Ltd

Parkview Supermarket - Papine, Bill Express Papine, 7 Chandos Place Papine, Kingston 6

DL Financial Services Ltd

Pavilion FSC, Bill Express Pavillion Mall, Shop #30, Pavilion Mall, 13 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10,

Rubicon Invesment Ltd - Christiana

Bill Express Christiana, Shop 1, Mid Town Super Center, Main Street Christiana

Rubicon Investment Ltd - Manchester Road

Bill Express Manchester Road- Mandeville, Super Plus Food Stores, 4 Manchester Road, Mandeville,

Rubicon Investment Ltd - Park Crescent

Bill Express Park Crescent- Mandeville, Super Plus Food Stores, 2 Park Crescent, Mandeville

Rubicon Investment Ltd - Brown's Town

Bill Express Main Street- Brown's Town, 20 Main Street Brown's Town

Rubicon Investment Ltd - Spalding

Bill Express- Spalding Clarendon, Shop 22 Wiltshires Complex, Main Street, Spalding,

Runaway Bay Communication Centre - St Ann's Bay

Bill Express main Street- St. Anns Bay, Shop 1, 5 Main Street St Ann's Bay

Runaway Bay Communication Centre - Moneague

Bill Express Coombs Plaza- Moneague, Coombs Plaza, Shop # 4, Moneague, St. Ann

Runaway Bay Communication Centre - Discovery Bay

Bill Express Main Street- Discovery Bay, Main Street, Discovery Bay

Runaway Bay Communication Centre - Runaway Bay

Bill Express Main Street- Runnaway Bay, Shop #2, Runaway Bay Commercial Centre Main Street Runaway Bay

South Coast Rental

Bill Express High Street- Black River, 17 High Street, Black River

St. Bess Investment Ltd - Four Paths

Bill Express Main Street- Four Paths Clarendon, Main Street, Four Paths

Steed Solutions - Steed Enterprise

Bill Express Bevin Street- Montego Bay, Lower Bevin Street, Montego Bay

Superlube - Hollison

Hollison, Bill Express Sagicor Shopping Center- Spanish Town, Unit 0201 Sagicor Shopping Centre 16 Burke Road Spanish Town

Superlube - Jampet

Bill Express Brunswick Ave- Spanish Town, 48-50 Brunswick Avenue Spanish Town

Superlube - St. Jago Plaza

Bill Express St. Jago Shopping Center, Spanish Town, Shop 37 & 38 St. Jago Shopping Centre, Burk Road, Spanish Town

Thelmars Pharmacy - Passage Fort

Bill Express Passage Forth Drive- Portmore, 35A Passage Fort Drive, Portmore

TM &T Associates

Bill Express Heaven's Texaco- Mandeville, Heavens Texaco 2 Manchester Road, Mandeville

True North Ventures Ltd - Port Antonio

Bill Express West Harbour Plaza- Port Antonio, Shop 6A, West Harbour Plaza 22 West Street Port Antonio

True North Ventures Ltd. - Pechon Street

Bill Express Pechon Street- Downtown Kingston, 7 Pechon Street, Kingston

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